The Reasons For Dating A Latino Girl or A Hispanic Girl

The Reasons For Dating A Latino Girl or A Hispanic Girl

The Latino girl, also known as a Latina, is one of the more confusing types of females. They have a stereotype of being highly sensual, hyper-sexualized and loud; however, there is also a softer side showing loyalty and damn good cooking skills. Latina girls refer to the women from Latin America, but not the Brazilians because they speak Portuguese and not Spanish. No, I don’t get it either, but those are the criteria. So, whether you are planning on dating Shakira or Salma Hayek, here are some reasons for dating a Latino girl.

1: You Will NEVER Be Hungry

A sexist stereotype, but the fact is that Latino girls have a way with food and are great cooks. It might be that they are taught from a young age to cook by their mothers or grandmothers, but you don’t need to worry about going hungry. Family is important in Latino culture, and it tends to revolve around meals with lots of children running around. So, even if your Latina girlfriend is skinny to the point of anorexic, the chances are you will have a good meal at the end of the day.

2: She Will Be Hyper-Sexualized

If you are a jealous and possessive person, then you should not consider dating a Latino girl. If you do want to date a Latino girl, despite being the jealous type, then you need to be more confident and trusting of her. Latina women are hyper-sexualized – and this has nothing to do with being between the sheets!

Hyper-sexualizing a person means that the female will be attractive to almost anyone they come in contact with. She will be hit on, checked out and praised for her appearance regularly; so, be prepared. If you are around Latin culture, you’ll find it natural for Latinos to show their affection; however, outside of the community, she is viewed as exotic and can turn heads.

While being sexy and attractive to the point of everyone wanting to be the Latina can be enjoyable, but it is not what most of them desire. Unfortunately, they merely perpetuate the stereotype because that is how society has perceived Latina culture. The older Latina generation had few rights, so they would need to be married to be viewed with value relying on their beauty. Younger Latinas now have rights, but the social norms in their community make them appear sensual in Western communities. Latinas express themselves through dance, fashion and affection, all which are considered sexy traits.

3: She Is Highly Passionate

Regardless of her hobbies or career, the Latina’s love for her partner will burn more fiercely than any other passions. It can seem “scary” at first, but this is in her nature as she was raised to love everyone with a passion. Of course, she is choosy about who she loves; however, once you win her heart, you have won her for life.

The problem with dating a passionate Latina arrives in social situations. As this lady is a naturally social creature, you will find yourself surrounded by people in almost any social situation; as well as being kissed on both cheeks or hugged at family gatherings. When you are out with your friends or meeting new acquaintances, do not mistake any friendliness for flirting. Believe it or not, culturally the Latina is less promiscuous with statistics of cheating being lower than the Western female.

4: She Will Want To Show You Off

dating When dating a Latino girl, you need to be prepared for the spotlight. Well, not the real spotlight, but be prepared for her to show you off to her friends (even if they are on social media). The majority of dating Hispanic or Latino women will share pictures with their friends, their family and their social media followers to tell everyone how wonderful you are! This is very different to some Eastern European or Australian cultures where showing off is deemed obnoxious. In the Latino community, showing people off and taking selfie pictures is merely a way of celebrating one’s life.

5: She Takes Care Of People And Is Used To Being Taken Care Of

This all returns to the cultural opinion of hard-loving and passion felt by the Latina. In a Latino community, it is vital that one cares for her family, friends and partner; however, it is also important that they are cared for. If you care for your Latina, she will ensure that no one will care for you in the way she does – passionately, actively and immensely.


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