A Guide To Hispanic / Latin Dating Culture

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There are various reasons why people choose to date Latinos / Hispanic , male and female. The accent, the sense of style, the exotic cuisines that happen to be a daily meal in their world, and you’ll be dancing with the most skilled person on the dance floor. Unfortunately, unless you are a Latino or were raised by Latinos, Latin dating one can be a culture shock. This article will act as a guide to Latino dating culture.













1: Be Prepared To Be Late For Things







All cultures present with differences, but one of the main cultural difference when it comes to Latino culture is their sense of time. As compared to non-Mediterranean Europeans or Americans, Latinos are rather laid back and tend to eat much later at night. This means they will also stay out late to socialise and drink with their friends. The stereotype is that a Latino is never on time, and this is true if you come from a non-Latino household. It does not mean your date is not attracted to you; they were just raised to “go with the flow” when it comes to time.













2: Traditional Stereotypes







This point relates more to Latino men than the typical Latino female in the 21st century. While there are males who adhere to the “macho” stereotype; the Latino male who has a macho personality is often considered old-fashioned with conservative ideals for his female partner. Not only are his ideals conservative, but he would look for a female who shares these opinions.










The mindset of a macho Latino male doesn’t apply to his lifestyle alone but is seen in the Latino dating culture. This type of man takes things slowly as compared to the modern male from Western backgrounds. Strict rules need to be adhered to when it comes to dating, so you shouldn’t make too many physical advances if you want to be considered as a partner. If he feels the chemistry is right, then he will take the relationship to the next level.










However, not all Latino males adopt this person, particularly in today’s society. The modern man respects females and treats them as equal when dating. Of course, there are still instances where clashes can be seen – they were raised by traditional mothers. However, Latino men tend to be willing to debate and allow physical advances instead of shutting you out completely.













3: Latinos Are Passionate







As stereotypes go, Latinos are passionate beings, but this is more than in the bedroom. Yes, Latinos can be sensual and romantic; however, the can be highly possessive and jealous. For instance, when a Hispanic male believes he is dating a female, that woman cannot be seen with another man at any time. So, say goodbye to all your male friends if you choose to date a Latino male.













4: The Language Issue







One of the greatest culture clashes you could experience is a linguistic one. If both of you speak fluent Spanish, Italian and English, then there’s no problem. However, if you don’t speak his home language or he does not speak your home language, you may find yourselves arguing over misunderstandings. It is common for things to become lost in translation and one of you could struggle to find the correct words to express yourself. This can cause stress, and most Latinos do not care if they offend you with their misplaced wording.










This being said, Latinos have large hearts and will remain loyal to you once they fall in love. You may find confrontation with families higher, but the romance can be a comforting resolution.













5: Dealing With The Family







All cultures allow for different family relationships, but the Latino culture is a highly family-oriented one. When entering a relationship with a Latino, it is important to know his relatives play a large role in his opinion of you and whether or not to pursue the relationship – particularly his mother. If you enter the Latino dating culture, you should try to make good first impressions to be adopted into the close-knit community.













6: Religion







Religion is one of the vital elements in a Latino dating culture. It doesn’t matter if he or she is a practicing Catholic, the chances are likely that they will engage in large celebrations and remain constant in their faith. Be sure to respect the religion as it plays a big role in relationships.








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