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Technological advancements have managed to make many things in our lives a lot easier. From finding the best deals online, to finding the specials on the best things to eat on any given night, everything is literally at your fingertips.

Today it has become even easy to use our mobile phones to find dates. Days of going to a nightclub or sitting in a bar hoping someone will notice you are long gone. Today if you are looking for a partner to dance a fast merengue or smooth salsa with, all you need to do is ask. In addition if you are looking for an easy way to expand on your options and even meet the man or woman of your dreams, it is time to use a well-known dating app.

Here is a list of the best Hispanic and Latin dating apps:

  1. HowAboutWe

The aim behind HowAboutWe is to get their members off-line to meet up face-to-face as quickly as possible. The way this app works is efficient yet simple. As soon as you have set-up your profile, post about a date that you are interested in going on. It could look something like “how about we go for a drink at The Ritz in Los Angeles?” if someone is interested in the proposal they will email you. If you are interested set-up the date and meeting time.

HowAboutWe is ideal for busy Hispanics that try to juggle play and work and for the mujeres that are only interested in some fun and dating. Not every woman will log onto dating apps in search of a commitment, and this app is ideal to get out and go on dates.

  1. Zoosk

Zoosk is an app with millions of international users. So this is one of those dating apps that can connect a Hispanic with people from many different cultures. Connecting with a person is similar to most of the dating apps. You send winks and emails. However, it is suggested that this is the type of dating app which is more geared towards meet-ups and flirting rather than long-term relationships.

  1. Amigos

Amigos is the dating app which is dedicated to connecting Latinos. It has a membership of around 3 million users, which means you can be sure you will meet up with a papi chulo within minutes. Rated as one of the best Hispanic dating apps, sign up and contacting other members is very easy. One of the caveats about this app is that you will need to pay to become a member.

One of the standout features about Amigos is their unique chat room. This is ideal for ladies that are on the shy side. Some people don’t feel comfortable with initiating emails or winking virtually at another member they are interested in. The chatroom offers a way to find and interact with other members. This app also provides fun quizzes. Amigos is a community for Hispanics to greet, meet and in many cases turn a friendship into something more.

  1. Tinder

Tinder is rated as one of the best Hispanic dating apps, as it is a location-based service which will match you up with the partners that you are interested in, within your local area. This app connects through Facebook and will show you friends that you may have in common.

How It Works

Tinder is an app that sets up members with a potential match. However, the profiles do not give very much information. If you are uncomfortable with chatting to a person with very limited info, then this is probably not the best dating app or site for you. If you don’t mind and are happy to find out more as you go along, when you receive a match all you need to do is click on the check-mark when you are interested. If both of you “check” each other, you will then be permitted to chat. Interactions on this app are fast, and men are known for just texting emoticons or a simple phrase like “let’s hook-up” instead of getting to know more about you. If you do not enjoy this form of communication, then move onto another dating app.

  1. Match.com

This is a go-to dating app if you are looking to find a match that is more serious. This app often boasts about success rates they have achieved in commercials. This is the type of app for you if you enjoy spending a lot of time online. Match.com also hosts STIR events every month in most major cities. From speed dating to happy hours, the aim behind STIR is for their members to get offline and meet up face-to-face. Yet this is personal choice and you are not forced to attend the events. Match will send you daily matches, where you can look over their profile through the dating app where you can decide to send a wink or an email.


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